STATES UNITED   "Every Three Hours"

          STATES UNITED "Every Three Hours"

              FORD    "The Boost"

          FORD  "The Boost"

            DETROIT LIONS    "One Pride"

          DETROIT LIONS  "One Pride"

            FORD   "Ballistic Ball Launcher"

          FORD "Ballistic Ball Launcher"

            CAMPBELL'S SOUP   "Craveman"

          CAMPBELL'S SOUP "Craveman"

         FLORIDA LOTTERY    "Every Field Imaginable"

     FLORIDA LOTTERY  "Every Field Imaginable"

       FLORIDA LOTTERY  "Everyone"

     FLORIDA LOTTERY "Everyone"

         FORD   "Blender of Brutality"

     FORD "Blender of Brutality"

         FORD CREDIT   "Lease End"

     FORD CREDIT "Lease End"

         FORD   "Superior Skateboard Experiment"

     FORD "Superior Skateboard Experiment"

         FORD CREDIT   "Buy or Lease"

     FORD CREDIT "Buy or Lease"

       ADIDAS   " After Hours "

     ADIDAS  "After Hours"

       FORD    "Master"

     FORD  "Master"

         CADILLAC    "Moves"

     CADILLAC  "Moves"

         DETROIT LIONS    "The Pledge"

     DETROIT LIONS  "The Pledge"

       CADILLAC   "Looks"

     CADILLAC "Looks"